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Learn Chinese Online with the Language Professional

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Our Approach

Build a strong Chinese foundatin
We provide complete Chinese practices and reviews
Chinese lessons focus on communication
Our Chinese course will lead to you progress

Practice & Review

Communication Oriented

Progress to Next Level

Build Strong Foundation

Building a strong foundation is inevitable for learning languages! Our well-structured materials make sure essential grammar and vocabulary are covered, helping you to progress.

No work can be done without hard work. Apart from a complete set of lessons notes, we provide adequate practices and review exercises to entrench your memory.

Following our learning patterns, you'd find yourself starting to be able to listen and speak with other people. Our lessons are also highly communication focused.

With a strong foundation, you're in position to comfortably move on to the next level, while you'd find the learning is getting easier and easier!

The course is HSK oriented, which is designed to help students pass their HSK proficiency test

Lesson Notes & Fun Audio Practices 

ChineseQQ online course has all skills in one, including writing, listening, reading and speaking

Course Features

All Skills in One 

The online course provides lesson notes, audio practices, fun games for practices, a set of course vocabulary list, Chinese grammar guide, and writing exercises

No matter if it is Writing, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar or more, we've got your back. Our teaching is designed with all materials to support you to learn thoroughly.

our Chinese online course focuses on helping students build good communication and speaking skills

Communication focused

Our course takes a high priority in helping students build good speaking and communication skills. Therefore, many speaking questions and topics are provided, and students need to think thoroughly before answering. This process encourages students speak Chinese proactively.

Our course offers a full set of downloadable lecture notes including vocabulary, grammar guide, practices and writing exercises to make sure you can always go back for revision. We provide additional audio exercises, which include flashcards, and different games to help you revise.

Our animated video makes the courses fun and engaging

Fun & Engaging

Apart from our lecture notes, which includes art illustration to make them more colourful, our lecture videos are short and made with animation! It's all designed to make learning fun and stress-free but effective.

Our course materials are designed to follow the HSK levels, taking you to learn Chinese step by step. You'll be well known your level and feel free to take the exams after completed study!

Two Payment Options

Our Chinese onine course allows lifetime access

We offer two payment plans, catering for students with different needs. A subscription plan on Skillshare allow students to pay a small fee per month to access ALL our courses as well as other subjects in the platform. A one-off course payment on Udemy let students enjoy life time access for courses purchased. 

Study ChineseQQ Courses on APP

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1. Download Udemy APP or Skillshare APP on mobile

2. Log in with your usual email and password

3. You can:

a) pick up where you left off on another device

b) stream videos Offline!

c) view our lesson notes & practices


Our Instructor

Winkie b.PNG

Winkie is the lead Chinese teacher and course producer of ChineseQQ.


Qualified with Proficiency in Putonghua (Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority), Holds MSc from University of Surrey, with Distinction Award


Passionate with teaching Mandarin Chinese, Winkie has experiences teaching students from various age groups and backgrounds, while the teaching covers diverse levels, ranging from Complete Beginner to Advanced level, from GCSE to A-levels and IB, from YCT (Youth Chinese Test) to HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), and from university's degree to Business Chinese.

Her students achieved 100% passing rate for the above exams.

She aims to always deliver fun and engaging lessons, while also focusing on producing effective and dynamic results.

It's very complete and you can always ask questions to the teacher. She explains perfectly well everything without skipping anything important

— Milka, Monterrosa

(Chinese Beginner 1)

What Others Say


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Monthly Subscription

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  • Access ALL courses listed

  • Mobile App supported

  • Downloadable course materials

  • Ask questions anytime via course forum or Email

  • on platform: SKILLSHARE

One-Off Purchase

  • Life-time Access 

  • Only purchase the specific course needed 

  • Mobile App supported

  • Downloadable course materials

  • Ask questions anytime via private messages or Email

  • on platform: UDEMY

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