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Our London based Group lessons are systematically categorised into six main levels: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, and Intermediate 2. The levels would be subdivided into sections, varied from A to F. 


Our course structures align with HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) proficiency levels, supporting students who would like to take the HSK proficiency tests. Meanwhile, our courses are also designed to be completely applicable in everyday life situations.


Under a small group setting, our lessons allow students to have much opportunity to practice sentences, make dialogues and carry out conversations with each other and the teacher.

Additionally, we provide Chinese Tasting sessions for students who're completly new to the language and want to explore its learning possibility and Chinese Speaking sessions for students of beginner to intermediate level to practice speaking together.


Our Group lessons most cater for adult students of all ages and backgrounds.

Beginner 1

Complete beginners friendly

Covers 200 vocabulary & essential basic grammar

Equivalent to HSK1

Approximately 25 hours of lesson 

Able to make dialogues upon completion

(Beginner 1A: 15hr, 1B: 15 hrs)

Beginner 2

Suitable for learners knowing 150 vocabulary in advance

Covers 350 vocabulary in total & grammar

Equivalent to HSK2

Approximately 30 hours of lesson 

Able to hold short conversation & recognise some characters upon completion

(Beginner 2A: 15 hrs, 2B: 15 hrs)

Intermediate 2

Suitable for learners knowing 600 vocabulary in advance

Covers 1250 vocabulary in total & grammar

Equivalent to HSK4

Approximately 80 hours of lesson + 60 hours self-taught

Able communicate, showing more self expression & read independently upon completion

(Intermediate 2A: 20 hrs, 2B: 20 hrs, 2C: 20 hrs, 2D: 20 hrs, 2E: 20 hrs, 2F: 20 hrs)

Chinese Tasting

Suitable for learners of complete beginner to explore the learning possibility for Chinese


Have an overview of how Chinese language of 5000 years of history has evolved over time


Get a taste of how the language will be like through learning some phonics and tones

Have an idea the relationship between Chinese characters and its pronunciation.

(one off: 1.5 hr)

Intermediate 1

Suitable for learners knowing 300 vocabulary in advance

Covers 650 vocabulary in total & grammar

Equivalent to HSK3

Approximately 60 hours of lesson 

Able to hold a general conversation & read with slight assistance upon completion

(Intermediate 3A: 20 hrs, 3B: 20 hrs, 

3C: 20 hrs)

Chinese Speaking

Suitable for learners of beginner to intermediate

Practice speaking with your classmates and teacher in a real-life setting

Speaking practices ranged from one on one conversations, small group discussion and short presentation

Structured and well chosen topics and materials will be provided

(regular sessions for students to attend flexibly: 1.5 hr/session)

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Why Us

Learn with certified, experienced and friendly Chinese native teachers

Our students achieved 100% exam passing rate

Learn with a small group of 2-8 people, at an affordable price (est. £13/hr)

We lead you to successfully communicate in real-life situations

Complete set of lesson notes, practices, online interactive study sets of flashcards, games, and quizzes, and a vocabulary list provided on the go